Monday, March 22, 2010

Introducing Fabulous Chic!

Sugar Snap Designs adds a new ultra pretty and pink design! This has to be one of my very favorite designs to date! With soft pinks and pretty bows, this feminine design is sure to please any girly girl. The perfect eBay Store Design for those selling anything fem! From jewelry, clothing, handbags & purses, cosmetics/perfumes or even children's items this delicate store design is a pleasure for all. Please be sure to click the Fabulous Chic icon below to take a peek at the full design! - eBay Store Designs, Auction Templates and Web Designs Fabulous Chic Limited Edition Complete eBay Storefront

Brightest Blessings to You My Friend!
You are a wonderfully created person and a treasure to more people than you could possibly know :)

~ April Rain

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