Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Designs Coming Soon!

I have been working very hard on some beautiful new designs which I plan to add very soon.. One could be uploaded as soon as tomorrow and it's one of my favorites yet. I will leave you in suspense ;)

My aim is to provide a new and elegant dimention to the designs so I am currently working on lean more towards simple elegance. Incorporating and blending soft and/or rich colors with damask touches to create designs that capture nostaligic beauty with a contemporary flair!

Please be sure to take a look at my site and you are sure to find an eBay Store Design to you liking :) I also offer eBay About Me Pages, eBay Logo's and eBay Auction Templates. All eBay Store Designs, whether Basic or Complete are limited editions. Which means once they are sold out, they will never be sold again. If you like a design, be sure to order yours soon! This gives my customers a lovely design with the assurance that they will not have a "cookie-cutter" copy the way many other design sites offer.

Oh, btw, it is the first weekend of spring.. What a better time then to clean up and refresh your eBay store to gear up for fantastic Spring & Summer Sales!

Brightest Blessings to You My Friend!
Smile! It is a blessing to yourself and others :)

~ April Rain

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